Data Projects

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Surviving a Data Analysis Project

Based on many semesters of actual student problems, this workshop will give information and tips on finding and selecting appropriate datasets, understanding data files, identifying problem data, and preparing it for statistical analysis.

Data Management Basics

Working on a research project but not sure how to begin to organize and manage your data?  This introductory workshop is an overview of research data management basics, including data formats, best practices for organizing, storing and backing up your files, and documenting your research data (metadata, readme files, codebooks, etc.).  This workshop is designed to be a quick overview of major data management topics.

Introduction to Data Cleaning

An important step before beginning data analysis is cleaning and setting up your data.  This introductory workshop will cover how to import, convert, clean, arrange and set up data files.  Learn how OpenRefine can be used to clean your data for later use with statistical software (like SPSS or Stata) and ArcGIS.