Archiving Your Data

To start publishing your scholarship, please fill out this short form.

We will work with you regarding formats, metadata, and goals to determine the best platform for your content and to start the uploading process.

Background: George Mason University Libraries offers two platforms for publishing open access research:

MARS and Dataverse are web-accessible and widely indexed. With persistent URLs, searchable metadata, full-text indexing, and long-term preservation, both are free, secure places to archive and share research output.

Dissemination Options for Your Data:

Openly accessible. Anyone may download your data. Metadata and full-text are indexed by search engines to encourage discovery.

Embargoed. If you choose to embargo your data (to delay its release for up to two years after deposit), users and search engines can access metadata but not associated data files while the embargo is in effect. After the embargo lifts, the record becomes openly accessible and users can download your data.

Restricted. If your data cannot be openly shared due to sensitive or rights-restricted information, we will help you find an appropriate repository or storage solution. Depending on the nature of the restrictions, this data can be archived as a metadata-only record (title, author, abstract) with an email contact to request access to the dataset.

To identify other repository options, search:

  • re3data.organ international registry of research data repositories.

Do you have data or other scholarly material to share? Are you interested in pursuing Dataverse or MARS as part of your Data Management Plan?

Please contact:

Wendy Mann, Head, Data Services Group —

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