Python for arcpy

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Python is a famous programming language. It is also considered easy to learn and understand. It is being used in different programming environment, geospatial and non-geospatial. ESRI’s  ArcGIS for Desktop environment relies mainly on Python. The arcpy is a Python package developed by ESRI for programmers mainly to automate everyday’s GIS tasks. You can use arcpy through either ArcMap or Python IDLE to run  geoprocessing, geospatial analysis, geospatial data management and conversion.

This workshop first covers the essentials of the Python scripting language necessary to work inside ESRI’s ArcGIS for Desktop environment. Using arcpy through ArcMap and Python IDLE will be explained in this workshop along with coding examples using different geoprocessing and geospatial analysis tools.

Audience: Anyone interested to learn programming for ArcGIS.

Attachments required for the workshop Part I

Attachments required for the workshop Part II