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Introductory GIS Workshops

Introduction to ArcGIS

This workshop covers the basic concepts of Geographic Information System (GIS) and basic skills to use ESRI’s ArcGIS software to create a thematic map.

Topics include: What is GIS?,  common GIS data formats, and Projections; Applications of GIS to various subject areas; Basic functions of ArcGIS 10.3 (with a hands-on exercise): adding data, creating new layers, joining tables, calculating attribute values,  classifying features by quantity, labeling data, and layout data.

Download the workshop presentation (pdf)

Audience: Anyone with basic competence with Windows.

Introduction to QGIS

This workshop covers the basic functions of QGIS (Quantum GIS), an open source GIS package for any GIS related projects: Loading and displaying geospatial data, creating a database and visualizing data using postgreSQL statements and more.

Audience: Anyone with basic knowledge of GIS technology.

Introduction to Web Mapping Technologies

This workshop explains the fundamentals of the web mapping concept (map object, basemap, thematic layers, and interactive objects). The workshop also describes various geospatial data formats available for web mapping. Moreover, two famous web mapping platforms (no programming skills necessary) will be covered in this workshop: CartoDB and MapBox.

Audience: Anyone interested to build maps on the web.

Intermediate GIS Workshop

Geoprocessing and Spatial Analysis Tools

This workshop builds upon the skills obtained in the libraries’ Introductory GIS workshop and learn more common GIS processing tools for spatial analysis.

Topics include: Gecoding (converting address data into spatial data), Georeferencing (converting scanned images to georeferenced images), common analysis tool s such as clip, buffer, intersect, dissolve, and more) and common overlay analysis such as point in polygon.

Audience: Anyone with basic knowledge and skills obtained from the libraries’ Introductory GIS workshop.

Advanced GIS Workshops

Harvesting and Visualizing Twitter Data

Audience: Anyone with basic programming background.

Python for arcpy

Audience: Anyone interested to learn programming for ArcGIS.


Census Data and Mapping

This workshop covers census data and mapping resources such as Social Explorer, SimplyMap, PolicyMap, Amercian Factfiner, etc. It will help students be familiar with the use of these databases to extract census data and create maps (with a hands-on exercise).

Audience: Anyone is welcome.