Workshops by Request

Below are the categories that Data Services offers workshops in. Click on each category name to find a list of specific workshops that Data Services has offered in the past. You can request one of the workshops listed, or design your own.

  • Data Management
    Learn about topics such as collecting and processing data, analyzing data and publishing research results as well as planning for long-term access.
  • Excel
  • Finding Data
    Learn about some of the best places to find data, how to search for your specific topic, and how to get the data into your software.
  • GIS
    Learn how to use Geographic Information, including that from the Census, to make maps of your data.
  • Qualitative Research
    Learn about qualitative analysis or using software to manage qualitative data in programs such as NVivo.
  • R
    Learn the basics of using R, a free open-source language to conduct statistical analysis.
  • SAS
    Learn how to use SAS, statistical software common in bio-statistics and large financial or government institutions.
  • SPSS
    Learn how to use SPSS, statistical software common in the social and behavioral sciences.
  • Stata
    Learn how to use Stata, statistical software commonly used in Economics and Public Policy.