Statistical Analysis

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  • Bivariate Analyses (4-way) : Illustrates a proper analysis and presentation for comparisons with different combinations of variable type (categorical or quantitative)
  • Simple Comparisons: Table to determine the appropriate univariate or bivariate comparison test (e.g, with a categorical IV)
  • Data and Syntax Organization: Describes a sequence from initial dataset to final paper.

Help for Introductory Statistics Classes

Help with Specific Analyses

For how-to’s using specific software, check our pages for SPSSStataSAS, and R


  • Psychology Resource Archive
    • University of Nebraska-Lincoln
    • Step-by-step instructions on how and why to do various basic and intermediate analyses. Uses SPSS, but useful for those using other software.
    • Often gives examples of reporting the results.

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Statistics Courses

For additional beginner-friendly explanations of important concepts, see our page on Statistical Literacy