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Full-Time Staff

Wendy Mann

Fenwick Library, 2609
Sources for data and statistics, software, data management and archiving, funding-mandated data management plans

Joy Suh

Fenwick Library, 2606A
Geospatial data sources, geospatial analysis, ArcGIS, maps and mapping, Google Earth

Debby Kermer

Fenwick Library, 2608
Quantitative and qualitative research methodology, analysis, and software


Part-Time Staff

Ahmad Aburizaiza

Fenwick Library, 2608A
Geospatial analysis and ArcGIS

Maya Pham

Fenwick Library,2608A
Statistical Analysis and software

Tariq Ullah

Fenwick Library,2608A


Wendy Mann
Head, Data Services

Joy Suh
GIS & Geography Liaison Librarian

Debby Kermer
Research Consultant